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Hi, my name's Evan as you probably guessed by the name of this website. You could certainly argue that Evan Willingham Photography isn't very original, but you'd be wrong (yep, I Googled it).  All my clever names were taken, and if I had gone with my first choice you'd probably think I was getting paid to come up with names for computer viruses.


I am currently living in Germany with my wife, two daughters, and we'll throw in the dog for good measure.  We were going full steam ahead in the US and wanted to try something new and exciting.  I think I'm supposed to talk about photography at some point in this brief introduction.  Living in Europe has provided me an incredible opportunity to fully focus (pun intended) on photography and scenery that includes landscapes with rolling hills, cities with ancient cathedrals (some built in the years before the USA was colonized), and colorful villages that remain trapped in time.


Prints and Digital Downloads are available here on this site.  If you're interested in hiring me for an event, family, or senior portrait please visit my other website www.evanwillinghamphotography.com for inquiries and to view my work.






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Sunrise in Pioneertown, California

Sunrise in Pioneertown, California